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What's your story?

We all love a good story. Make sure yours is one that sticks out. With so much choice for consumers – and media – these days, your story is what’s uniquely yours and a point-of-differentiation. So ask yourself what makes your brand stand out? What’s the story?

I recently interviewed someone about the jewelry collection she designed. She had dedicated it to great women in her life. Yet the initial press release didn’t say much about those women, because she didn’t think anyone would care. When I asked her about them, she told me about how she inherited her love of jewelry from her grandmother, that she was her greatest inspiration. When she started designing the pieces, her grandmother was ill. She knew she wouldn't be able to see the finished collection, but she did see a finished render of the ring the two of them designed together. It was fierce as fire, just like her grandmother was. A woman who always supported her to be brave and be her truest self. To live life to the fullest. Now whenever the designer needs some extra strength (e.g. during a job interview, business meeting and/or another important moment in life) she wears the ring they designed together. Now THAT is a ring I would buy.

People love brands that have great stories behind them.

In this picture you can see 7-year-old me at Disneyland (I'm the one with the white trousers). While most companies start with a product and try to build a story around it, Disney starts with a story and then creates related products and services. By putting the story first, they are allowing the consumer to enjoy their emotional connection with the story in a new way. To me going to Disneyland was reliving every amazing fairytale. But you don’t need to create a blockbuster to tell a convincing story. The first step in using a story to build a strong brand is to be truthful. Honesty provides a strong foundation on which to build a positive and lasting relationship with your customers.

So how do you make sure your story is compelling? By making sure it consists of a hero who takes part in an epic journey, because that is what true storytelling is made of. Rather than focusing on how amazing your brand is, make sure to create a deep connection between your brand and target audience. Make your customer the hero of the story and position the company as the wise mentor that appears and offers up a quest that will challenge the hero. You do this by showing the customer how they can make the(ir) world a better place with your help.

When it comes to story and brand, the goal is to tug at the heartstrings of customers and evoke emotions. If you can achieve this, the relationship you have with your customers will be one built on human connection, rather than one built on antiquated sales techniques.

Are you ready to tell your story?



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