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"I founded Boust. because I wanted to provide a personal approach to public relations that doesn’t fit within the corporate style of most agencies. To me this is not just business, I take your brand personal. At Boust. we only work with brands that we’re passionate about, which enables us to make our approach extremely tailored. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to PR and communications.

I started my career as an editor at lifestyle magazines, and have continued writing for media for the past 10 years. My experience as a journalist has taught me to come up with the right angle to pitch your story. This in combination with having represented many businesses in agencies from large fashion retailers to start-ups, has led to a thorough understanding of what it takes to achieve PR coverage. Yet it is my personal approach that enables me to really partner up with a brand and leverage its assets to ensure the very best outcome.

To a founder, a brand will always be better compared to others. Therefore the only qualified PR partner is someone who might just be equally as passionate about it. A true brand lover who treats your brand as a show pony, not a cash cow. 

I have always been a true representative for the brands I have worked for, even (years) after a partnership has ended. I will never look at olive oil (or any other culinary tastemaker for that matter) the same since working for Oil & Vinegar. And to this day, there are no better flip flops than Havaianas, no better fitting jeans than Lee Cooper, no higher quality paint than Farrow & Ball, no more lust worthy jewelry than that of Diamanti Per Tutti, no better looking shoes than Floris van Bommel and when looking for the right dress, you’ll definitely find it at LolaLiza. 

Unless you want to convince me otherwise?

Go ahead, I’ll treat your brand like the showstopper it truly is. "


- Sabrina Bouzoumita, Founder

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Boust Agency

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